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Measurement of the Quadrupole Moment in the Mercury Ion Optical Clock



Windell Oskay, Wayne M. Itano, James C. Bergquist


We report a measurement of the 199Hg+ 5d96s22d5/2 electric quadrupole moment and discuss its implications for the accruacy of an optical clock based upon 2S1/2(F=0)<-> 2d5/2(F=2) transition at 282 nm.
Proceedings Title
IEEE LEOS - 2005 Summer Topical Meeting Series
Conference Dates
July 21-23, 2008
Conference Location
Acapulco, MX
Conference Title
LEOS Summer Topical Meetings


atomic ion clocks, optical frequency standards, quadrupole moment
Created July 21, 2005, Updated January 27, 2020