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Measurement of Nonlinear Phase Generated in Air-Silica Microstructure Fiber



T M. Fortier, Jun Ye, Steven T. Cundiff, R S. Windler


We present measurementsof the nonlinear phase noise generated in air-silica microstructure fiber, which is used in carrier envelope phase stabilization schemes for ultrafast lasers. The extreme nonlinearity exhibited by these fibers may result in amplitude to phase noise conversion, which would corrupt stabilization fo the carrier-envelope phase. We measure the conversion factor for a 4.5 cm piece of air-silica fiber to be 1.34 Ņrad/nanojoule for coupled pulse energy of 0.43 nanojoules at a 100 MHz repetition rate. Measurement of the power fluctuations of our laser reveals that the nonlinear phase noise contributed by microstructure fiber is 145 x 10-12 rad, small against that of the total phase jitter of the system.
Optics Letters


microstructure fiber, phase noise, phase-control, ultrafast


Fortier, T. , Ye, J. , Cundiff, S. and Windler, R. (2021), Measurement of Nonlinear Phase Generated in Air-Silica Microstructure Fiber, Optics Letters (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021