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Measurement and real-time cancellation of vibration-induced phase noise in a cavity-stabilized laser



Michael J. Thorpe, David R. Leibrandt, Tara M. Fortier, Till P. Rosenband


We demonstrate a method to measure and actively reduce the coupling of vibrations to the phase noise of a cavity-stabilized laser. This method uses the vibration noise of the laboratory environment rather than active drive to perturb the optical cavity. The laser phase noise is measured via a beat note with a second unperturbed ultra-stable laser while the vibrations are measured by accelerometers positioned around the cavity. A Wiener filter algorithm extracts the frequency and direction dependence of the cavity response function. Once the cavity response function is known, real-time noise cancellation can be implemented using the accelerometer measurements to predict and then cancel the laser phase fluctuations. We present real-time noise cancellation that results in a 25 dB reduction of the laser phase noise power spectral density.
Applied Physics B


laser stabilization, noise cancellation, optical cavities
Created August 30, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017