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Measurement and Analysis of Forces in Grinding of Silicon Nitride



S Jahanmir, T W. Hwang, Eric P. Whitenton, S Job, Christopher J. Evans


Using an instrumented surface grinder, the two components of grinding forces (normal and tangential) were measured for different types of silicon nitride ceramics. The influences of grinding parameters, such as down feed and table speed, and grinding fluids on forces were determined. In addition to these measurements, the specific grinding energy defined as the energy per unit volume of removed material was calculated. This parameter and the measured forces were then analyzed to determine possible correlations with mechanical properties of the silicon nitrides. It was found that, in general, the grinding forces and the specific grinding energy increase with the hardness. Both the grinding forces and the specific grinding energy were influenced by the grinding fluid and the grinding parameters. The implication of these results on the mechanism of material removal in grinding of silicon nitride and the possible tribological effects are discussed.
Proceedings Title
ASME Tribology Symposium
Conference Dates
January 29-February 1, 1995
Conference Location
Houston, TX, US


Jahanmir, S. , Hwang, T. , Whitenton, E. , Job, S. and Evans, C. (1995), Measurement and Analysis of Forces in Grinding of Silicon Nitride, ASME Tribology Symposium, Houston, TX, US (Accessed June 15, 2024)


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Created December 31, 1994, Updated October 12, 2021