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A Mean-Field Model of Extrinsic Line Broadening in Ferromagnetic Resonance



Robert D. McMichael


A model of ferromagnetic resonance in inhomogeneous films is described that includes interactions in a mean-field approximation. The mean-field model yields linewidth values that span the range from intrinsic linewidth for strong interactions to fully broadened local resonance line widths for interactions. For weal inhomogeneity, the mean-field model does not follow the quadratic dependence of broadening on inhomogeneity predicted by the two-magnon model. For weakly interacting regions with strong inhomogeneity, the mean field model fills a gap in the modeling of ferromagnetic resonance spectra where only computationally intensive models have been available previously.
Journal of Applied Physics


ferromagnetic resonance, inhomegeneity, mean-field model


McMichael, R. (2008), A Mean-Field Model of Extrinsic Line Broadening in Ferromagnetic Resonance, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008