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Material Properties of a Sintered α-SiC



R G. Munro


A self-consistent, single-valued representation of the major physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of a sintered Α-SiC is presented. This comprehensive set of properties is achieved by focusing on a narrowly defined material specification in which boron and carbon are used as sintering aids to produce a dense ceramic [>/= 98% of the theoretical maximum density] with a grain size of [6 2] m. Such a representation is highly desirable in applications of concurrent engineering practices and for the increasing use of electronic processing of product specifications.
Material Properties of a Sintered α-SiC


ceramics, crystallography, material properties, mechanical properties, silicon carbide, thermal properties


Munro, R. (2017), Material Properties of a Sintered α-SiC, Material Properties of a Sintered α-SiC (Accessed July 15, 2024)


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Created February 19, 2017