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Matching and comparing objects in a serial cytometer



Nikita Podobedov, Matthew DiSalvo, Jason A. Hsu, Paul N. Patrone, Gregory A. Cooksey


Flow cytometers are indispensable for clinical studies, yet are hindered by inherent uncertainties. We have developed an optofluidic device capable of multiple measurements along a microfluidic channel, whereby many of the uncertainty components can be systematically evaluated and tuned. This study addresses the challenge associated with identifying and tracking the order of objects throughout their time of transit. An algorithm was developed in MATLAB to characterize objects as they travel. We discuss methods of testing the efficacy of this algorithm, and other mathematical tools that will allow us to gain more information compared to what a conventional cytometer can provide.
Proceedings Title
24th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
Conference Dates
October 4-9, 2020
Conference Location
Palm Springs, CA
Conference Title
MicroTAS 2020


flow cytometry, optofluidics, reproducibility
Created October 3, 2020, Updated November 8, 2020