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Mass Absorption Coefficient of Tungsten and Tantalum



Zachary H. Levine


Web page for the Computational Material Science Network(administered at U. Washington) based on the following WERB-approvedmanuscripts:Z.~H.~Levine, S.~Grantham, C.~Tarrio,D.~J.~Paterson, I.~McNulty, T.~M.~Levin,A.~L.~Ankudinov, and J.~J.~Rehr,``Mass absorption coefficient of tungsten and tantalum, 1450 eV -- 2350 eV:experiment, theory, and application''Z.~H.~Levine, S. Grantham, and I. McNulty,``Mass absorption coefficient of tungsten for 1600-2100 eV'',{\it Phys. Rev. B}, {\bf 65}, 064111 (2002).
Electronic Publication


Mass Absorption Coefficient, Tantalum, Tungsten


Levine, Z. (2002), Mass Absorption Coefficient of Tungsten and Tantalum, Electronic Publication, [online], internal:/None (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created September 1, 2002, Updated February 17, 2017