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Managing Materials Information in the Supply Chain



John V. Messina, Eric D. Simmon


One important aspect of sustainable manufacturing is the acquisition and management of product material information. This information may be used to improve the design and manufacturing process, facilitate recycling, and to help comply with regulations limiting substances used in products. Due to regional regulations, complex supply networks, and a variety of business practices, managing this material information throughout the supply chain is extremely challenging. This may be achieved through the development of holistic data exchange standards that are designed to integrate with internal data management systems and allow the needed environmental data to flow through the supply chain. This approach has successfully been demonstrated in the electronics industry. The electronics manufacturers have put considerable effort into managing material information and as a result several standards have been developed. One of these, the IPC 1752 Materials Declaration Management standard (one sectional in the IPC 1750 Supplier Declaration Series), was developed using a modeling based approach that facilitates a holistic approach and the integration of material data exchange with the data management tools and databases. Now, several years after EU RoHS went into effect, IPC 1752 is being updated to reflect changes in the manufacturing environment which include; new regulations, an increased focus on environmentally conscious design, and a better understanding of the material information needs within the supply chain. This paper will look at the development of IPC 1752 version 2.0 and a reference data entry tool developed at NIST.
Proceedings Title
The Eighth International Conference on EcoBalance
Conference Dates
December 10-12, 2008
Conference Location
Tokyo, JA


environmental, supply chain, information management


Messina, J. and Simmon, E. (2008), Managing Materials Information in the Supply Chain, The Eighth International Conference on EcoBalance, Tokyo, JA, [online], (Accessed April 13, 2024)
Created November 28, 2008, Updated February 19, 2017