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Magneto-optical observation of four-wave scattering in a 15 nm Ni81Fe19 film during large angle magnetization precession



Hans T. Nembach, Karen Livesey, Michael Kostylev, Patrica Martin-Pimentel, Sebastian Hermsdoerfer, Britta Leven, Juergen Fassbender, Burkard Hillebrands


Large angle magnetization precession induced by a short pulsed magnetic field in a 15 nm thick Ni81Fe19 film is observed using a time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr effect technique with sensitivity to all three components of the magnetization vector. A reduction of the magnitude of the magnetization vector |M| during large angle precession is inferred and indicates incoherent dynamics due to excitation of traveling spin waves with wavelengths smaller than the sampling area, i.e., the laser spot size for the magneto-optical measurements. The reduction in |M| depends on the magnetic bias field Hbias, which can be qualitatively understood by comparison to the theoretical threshold to observe four-magnon scattering in a small time interval t. We estimate that two-magnon scattering cannot explain the experimental results.
Physical Review B


magnetization dynamics, nanomagnetics


Nembach, H. , , K. , Kostylev, M. , Martin-Pimentel, P. , Hermsdoerfer, S. , Leven, B. , Fassbender, J. and Hillebrands, B. (2011), Magneto-optical observation of four-wave scattering in a 15 nm Ni<sub>81</sub>Fe<sub>19</sub> film during large angle magnetization precession, Physical Review B (Accessed July 15, 2024)


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Created November 14, 2011, Updated February 19, 2017