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Magnetization Reversal of Three-Dimensional Nickel Anti-Sphere Arrays



Le Yu, Zhongying Yan, Han-Chang Yang, Xuzhao Chai, Bingqing Li, Sina Moeendarbari, Yaowu Hao, Di Zhang, Gang Feng, Ping Han, Dustin A. Gilbert, Kai Liu, Kristen S. Buchanan, Xuemei Cheng


Three-dimensional anti-sphere arrays (3DAAs) of Ni have been fabricated using electrochemical deposition into self-assembled polystyrene sphere templates, which offers the advantage of straightforward scalability. Using the first-order reversal curve (FORC) method the magnetic reversal mechanism is identified from the characteristic features in the FORC distribution. A left-bending boomerang-like feature is observed in the thinnest sample and transforms to a ridge oriented along the local coercivity Hc axis with increasing sample thickness. This transformation identifies a change in the reversal processes from an exchange dominated domain-growth reversal to a localized weakly-interacting particle-like reversal. Micromagnetic simulations confirm the decrease in domain growth and increase of pinning behaviors as the thickness of the Ni 3DAAs structure increases, providing strong support to the FORC analysis and interpretat
IEEE Magnetics Letters


magnetism, electrodeposition, Nickel, nanostructures, nanotechnology


Yu, L. , Yan, Z. , Yang, H. , Chai, X. , Li, B. , Moeendarbari, S. , Hao, Y. , Zhang, D. , Feng, G. , Han, P. , Gilbert, D. , Liu, K. , Buchanan, K. and Cheng, X. (2016), Magnetization Reversal of Three-Dimensional Nickel Anti-Sphere Arrays, IEEE Magnetics Letters, [online], (Accessed July 22, 2024)


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Created December 22, 2016, Updated October 12, 2021