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The Magnetic Transitions and Dynamics in the Multiferroic Lu0.5Sc0.5FeO3



Junjie Yang, Chunruo Duan, John R. Copley, Craig Brown, Despina Louca


In spite of its frustrated lattice, the multiferroic Lu0.5Sc0.5FeO3 exhibits two consecutive magnetic transitions at T%N1approximately equal to}175 K and TN2 approximately equal to}70 K determined from neutron diffraction. In the ordered state, magnetic fluctuations are present, most likely arising from the in-plane frustrated interaction of the Fe hexagonal lattice. Furthermore, a crossover of the magnetic intensity is observed from elastic to inelastic upon warming, indicating that magnetic fluctuations persist well above TN1, a common feature in hexagonal multiferroics.
Conference Dates
November 29-December 4, 2015
Conference Location
Boston, MA, US
Conference Title
MRS advances


Neutron DIffraction, Inelastic neutron scattering, magnetism


Yang, J. , Duan, C. , Copley, J. , Brown, C. and Louca, D. (2016), The Magnetic Transitions and Dynamics in the Multiferroic Lu<sub>0.5</sub>Sc<sub>0.5</sub>FeO<sub>3</sub>, MRS advances, Boston, MA, US, [online], (Accessed July 25, 2024)


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Created February 25, 2016, Updated October 12, 2021