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Magnetic Structure and Spin Waves in the Frustrated Ferro-Antiferro Magnet Pb2VO(PO4)2



S. Bettler, F. Landolt, O. M. Aksoy, Z. Yan, S. Gvasaliya, Yiming Qiu, E. Ressouche, K. Beauvois, S. Raymond, A. N. Ponomaryov, S. A. Zvyagin, A. Zheludev


Single crystal neutron diffraction, inelastic neutron scattering and electron spin resonance experiments are used to study the magnetic structure and spin waves in Pb2VO(PO4)2, a prototypical layered S =1/2 ferromagnet with frustrating next nearest neighbor antiferromagnetic interactions. The observed excitation spectrum is found to be inconsistent with a simple square lattice model previously proposed for this material. At least four distinct exchange coupling constants are required to reproduce the measured spin wave dispersion. The degree of magnetic frustration is correspondingly revised and found to be substantially smaller than in all previous estimates.
Physical Review B


spin wave, frustrated square lattice, ferromagnet
Created May 28, 2019, Updated October 1, 2019