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Magnetic Resonance in an Atomic Vapor Excited by a Mechanical Resonator



Ying-Ju Wang, Matthew Eardley, Svenja A. Knappe, John M. Moreland, Leo W. Hollberg, John Kitching


We demonstrate a direct resonant interaction between the mechanical motion of a mesoscopic resonator and the spin degrees of freedom of a sample of neutral atoms in the gas phase. This couplin, mediated by a magnetic particle attached to the tip of the miniature mechanical resonator, excites a coherent precession of the atomic spins about a static magnetic field. The novel coupled atom-resonator system may enable development of low-power, high-performance sensors, and enhance research efforts connected with the manipulation of cold atoms, quantum control, and high-resolution microscopy.
Physical Review Letters


Wang, Y. , Eardley, M. , Knappe, S. , Moreland, J. , Hollberg, L. and Kitching, J. (2006), Magnetic Resonance in an Atomic Vapor Excited by a Mechanical Resonator, Physical Review Letters (Accessed December 5, 2023)
Created November 30, 2006, Updated October 12, 2021