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Magnetic Properties of Ultrathin Laminated Co/Cu Films Prepared by Electrodeposition



M Shima, L Salamanca-Riba, Thomas P. Moffat, Robert D. McMichael


The magnetic properties of a series of electrodeposited [Co(x ML)/Cu(17 ML)]100 multilayers have been examined as a function of the cobalt layer thickness. The multilayers were grown on Si(100)covered with a highly textured Cu(100) seed alyer. Films with a cobalt layer thickness less than x 1.7 ML the lateral length scale becomes large enough to stabilize ferromagnetism and the giant magnetoresistance effect is observed. The influence of magneticrystalline anisotropy is not apparent until 2.5 > x > 3.7 ML. The coercivity increases between 1.6 and 9 ML reflecting the combined influence of the magnetocrystalline anisotropy and surface roughness.
Journal of the Electrochemical Society
No. 9


Co/Cu multilayers, elecrodeposition, ferromagnetic, magnetoresistance, x-ray diffraction


Shima, M. , Salamanca-Riba, L. , Moffat, T. and McMichael, R. (2002), Magnetic Properties of Ultrathin Laminated Co/Cu Films Prepared by Electrodeposition, Journal of the Electrochemical Society (Accessed May 25, 2024)


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Created September 1, 2002, Updated February 17, 2017