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Magnetic Particle Imagining with a Cantilever Detector



Jacob W. Alldredge, John M. Moreland


We present a novel imaging method for the measuring the position and magnetic moment of single micrometer scale particles. Our technique is based on magnetic force microscopy (MFM) with a magnetically hard magnetic tip in a uniform opposing field. By translating the MFM probe tip laterally and vertically, the local magnetic field at a particle can be precisely controlled. Our technique is similar to magnetic particle imaging, where the harmonic response of the particle to an AC field is measured; the difference is that here, the response is measured with a cantilever instead of a detector coil. We are able to precisely determine individual particle positions to within π0.022 υm in a composite sample. In addition,by fitting the force derivative images taken at different distances above the sample and at different applied magnetic fields, we can determine the m-Hcharacteristics of individual particles.
Journal of Applied Physics


Magnetic particle imagining, Magnetic Force microscopy, medical imaging


Alldredge, J. and Moreland, J. (2012), Magnetic Particle Imagining with a Cantilever Detector, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created July 23, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017