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Magnetic Ordering in a Frustrated Bow-Tie Lattice



Laura J. Vera Stimpson, Efrain E. Rodriquez, Craig Brown, Gavin B. G. Stenning, Marek Jura, Donna C. Arnold


We report a systematic elastic and inelastic powder neutron diffraction study of the geometrically frustrated material, Ca2Mn3O8. Ca2Mn3O8 exhibits a "bow-tie" like connectivity of Mn4+ with Ca2+ occupying octahedral sites between MnO6 layers. Magnetic refinements of neutron powder diffraction data indicate that the spins order with a canted four sub-lattice-like (up arrow up arrow down arrow down arrow}) arrangement below approximately equal} 50 K. In addition, short range magnetic correlations can be seen to persist, until approximately equal} 130 K. Inelastic data demonstrates that frustration results in the dynamic motion of the spins even below TN and provides evidence of both "spin-flow" and "chain-flip" phenomena.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C


frustration, magnetism, neutron scattering, magnetic structure, inelastic neutron scattering


Vera Stimpson, L. , Rodriquez, E. , Brown, C. , Stenning, G. , Jura, M. and Arnold, D. (2018), Magnetic Ordering in a Frustrated Bow-Tie Lattice, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, [online], (Accessed June 18, 2024)


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Created April 27, 2018, Updated October 12, 2021