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The Magnetic Order of Cr in Fe/Cr/Fe(001) Trilayers



Daniel T. Pierce, John Unguris, Robert Celotta, Mark D. Stiles


The temperature dependence of the short period oscillatory coupling in Fe/Cr/Fe(001) whisker trilayers, when analyzed in light of recent theory, provides strong evidence that incommensurate spin density wave antiferromagnetic order is induced in the Cr over a wide range of thickness and up to temperatures at least 1.8 times the N¿el temperature of bulk Cr. Because the portion of the Cr Fermi surface connected with the short period interlayer coupling in paramagnetic Cr does not exist in antiferromagnetic Cr, the conventional quantum well model of interlayer coupling is not applicable. Rather, it is necessary to use a model for the coupling that includes the electron-electron interactions that lead to the antiferromagnetic order.
Physics of Low Dimensional Systems
Publisher Info
Kluwer Acacemics/Plenum Publishers, New York, NY


Cr antiferromagnetism, exchange coupling, spin density wave, thin film magnetism


Pierce, D. , Unguris, J. , Celotta, R. and Stiles, M. (2001), The Magnetic Order of Cr in Fe/Cr/Fe(001) Trilayers, Physics of Low Dimensional Systems, Kluwer Acacemics/Plenum Publishers, New York, NY, [online], (Accessed February 29, 2024)
Created January 1, 2001, Updated February 19, 2017