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Magnetic Field Landscapes Guiding the Chemisorption of Diamagnetic Molecules



Cherno Jaye, Tobias Weidner, J. E. Baio, A. P. Hitchcock, Daniel A. Fischer


It is shown that the self-assembly of diamagnetic molecule sub-monolayers on a surface can be influenced by magnetic stray field landscapes emerging from artificially fabricated magnetic domains and domain walls. The directed local chemisorption of diamagnetic subphthalocyaninatoboron molecules in relation to the artificially created domain pattern is proved by a combination of surface analytical methods: ToF-SIMS, X-PEEM and NEXAFS imaging.


magnetic stray field landscapes, diamagnetic molecules, ToF-SIMS, Imaging NEXAFS, X-PEEM


Jaye, C. , Weidner, T. , Baio, J. , Hitchcock, A. and Fischer, D. (2016), Magnetic Field Landscapes Guiding the Chemisorption of Diamagnetic Molecules, Langmuir, [online], (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created September 23, 2016, Updated December 31, 2022