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Magnetic-Field-Induced Dielectric Anomalies in Cobalt-Containing Garnets



Abbey J. Neer, Joanna Milam-Guerrero, Veronika A. Fischer, Michelle Zheng, Nicole R. Spence, Clayton Cozzan, Mingqiang Gu, James M. Rondinelli, Craig Brown, Brent C. Melot


We present a comparative study of the magnetic and crystal chemical proper-ties of two Co2+ containing garnets.CaY2Co2Ge3O12 and NaCa2Co2V3O12 both exhibit the onset of antiferromagnetic order at 8 K and 6 K as well as field-induced transitions around 7 T and 10 T, respectively that manifest as anomalies in the dielectric properties of the material. We perform detailed crystal-chemistry analyses and complimentary density functional theory calculations to show that very minor changes in the local environment of the Co-ions explain the differences in the two magnetic structures and their respective properties.
Inorganic Chemistry


magnetism, garnet, neutron diffraction, multiferroic


Neer, A. , Milam-Guerrero, J. , Fischer, V. , Zheng, M. , Spence, N. , Cozzan, C. , Gu, M. , Rondinelli, J. , Brown, C. and Melot, B. (2022), Magnetic-Field-Induced Dielectric Anomalies in Cobalt-Containing Garnets, Inorganic Chemistry (Accessed December 8, 2023)
Created April 10, 2022, Updated November 29, 2022