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A low-steering piezo-driven mirror



Eric Magnan, James Maslek, Carlos Bracamontes-Palma, Alessandro Restelli, Thomas Boulier, James V. Porto


We present a piezo-driven translatable mirror with excellent pointing stability, capable of driving at frequencies up to tens of kilohertz. Our system uses a tripod of piezo actuators with independently controllable drive voltages, where the ratios of the individual drive voltages are tuned to minimize residual tilting. Attached to a standard ∅ = 12.7 mm mirror, the system has a resonance-free mechanical bandwidth up to 51 kHz, with displacements up to 2 μm at 8 kHz. The maximum static steering error is 5.5 μrad per micron displaced and the dynamic steering error is lower than 0.6μradμm−1. This simple design should be useful for a large set of optical applications where tilt-free displacements are required, and we demonstrate its application in an ensemble of cold atoms trapped in periodically driven optical lattices.
Review of Scientific Instruments


piezo-driven mirror


Magnan, E. , Maslek, J. , Bracamontes-Palma, C. , Restelli, A. , Boulier, T. and Porto, J. (2018), A low-steering piezo-driven mirror, Review of Scientific Instruments, [online],, (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created July 17, 2018, Updated October 12, 2021