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A Low-Power Reversible Alkali Atom Source



Songbai Kang, Russell P. Mott, Kevin A. Gilmore, Logan D. Sorenson, Matthew T. Rahker, Elizabeth A. Donley, John E. Kitching, Christopher S. Roper


An electrically-controllable, solid-state, reversible device for sourcing and sinking alkali vapor is presented. When placed inside an alkali vapor cell, both an increase and decrease of the rubidium vapor density by a factor of two are demonstrated through laser absorption spectroscopy on 10-15 s time scales. The device requires low voltage (5 V), low power (
Applied Physics Letters


cold-atom system, solid ion conductor, reversible alkali source


Kang, S. , Mott, R. , Gilmore, K. , Sorenson, L. , Rahker, M. , Donley, E. , Kitching, J. and Roper, C. (2017), A Low-Power Reversible Alkali Atom Source, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed October 3, 2023)
Created June 13, 2017, Updated July 3, 2017