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A low-cost, high-density,customizable microwave vacuum feedthrough for cryogenic applications



Adam McCaughan, Sae Woo Nam, Jimmy Gammell, Dylan M. Oh


We have designed, constructed, and tested an electrical vacuum feedthrough that can carry a large number of microwave signal lines, has high vacuum compatibility, and is highly customizable. We found that it had a leak rate of approximately 10^(-7) Pa*L/s (7.5x10^(-9) torr*L/s), making it suitable for high-vacuum systems such as cryostats. The feedthrough is low-cost, and the PCB-based design allows the choice of any surface-mountable microwave connector. We additionally verified operation through consistent use on a real cryogenic system and verified the mechanical robustness of the feedthrough.
Review of Scientific Instruments


McCaughan, A. , Nam, S. , Gammell, J. and Oh, D. (2020), A low-cost, high-density,customizable microwave vacuum feedthrough for cryogenic applications, Review of Scientific Instruments (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created January 1, 2020, Updated June 16, 2023