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Loop Structure Stability of a Double-Well-Lattice BEC



James V. Porto, Hoi-Yin Hui, Ryan Barnett, Sankar Das Sarma


In this work, we consider excited many-body mean-field states of bosons in a double-well optical lattice by investigating stationary Bloch solutions to the non-linear equations of motion. We show that, for any positive interaction strength, a loop structure emerges at the edge of the band structure whose existence is entirely due to interactions. This can be contrasted to the case of a conventional optical (Bravais) lattice where a loop appears only above a critical repulsive interaction strength. Motivated by the possibility of realizing such non-linear Bloch states experimentally, we analyze the collective excitations about these non-linear stationary states and thereby establish conditions for the system's energetic and dynamical stability. We find that there are regimes that are dynamically stable and thus apt to be realized experimentally.
Physical Review A


Bose Einstein Condensates, non-linear dynamics, optical lattices


Porto, J. , Hui, H. , Barnett, R. and Das, S. (2012), Loop Structure Stability of a Double-Well-Lattice BEC, Physical Review A (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created December 26, 2012, Updated June 2, 2021