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Long-Term Water-Aging of Whisker-Reinforced Polymer-Matrix Composites



Hockin D. Xu


Long-term exposure to water may degrade dental resin composites. This study investigated the water-aging effects on whisker-reinforced composites. It was hypothesized that silica-fused whiskers would provide stable and substantial reinforcement, and whisker type would affect water-aging resistance. Silica-fused Si3N4 and SiC whiskers were incorporated into a resin. The specimens were tested by three-point flexure and nano-indentation versus water-aging time from 1 d to 730 d. After 730 d, SiC composite had a strength (mean sd; n = 6) of 185 33 MPa, similar to 146 44 MPa for Si3N4 composite (p = 0.064); both were significantly higher than 67 23 MPa for an inlay/onlay control (p
Journal of Dental Research
No. 1


filler-matrix interfaces, long-term water-aging, modulus, polymer composite, reinforcement, strength, whisker-silica fusion


Xu, H. (2003), Long-Term Water-Aging of Whisker-Reinforced Polymer-Matrix Composites, Journal of Dental Research (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created January 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017