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Long Term Air Quality Monitoring in a Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility Designed with Specifications for Low Emitting Interior Products



Dustin G. Poppendieck, Lisa C. Ng, Matthew P. Schlegel, Andrew K. Persily, Alfred Hodgson


This study evaluated the effectiveness of a low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) specification designed to minimize occupant exposures to indoor air pollutants in a net-zero energy research house meeting the ASHRAE Standard 62.2 ventilation requirements. The results show that the use of medium density fiberboard and particleboard with no-added formaldehyde resins for cabinetry and other finished products effectively controlled the formaldehyde emissions and kept concentrations below levels in typical new homes. Monitoring of seasonal indoor VOC concentrations suggests that building envelope components may be an overlooked source for some VOCs, especially aldehydes and alkanes.
Proceedings Title
13th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate Conference
Conference Dates
July 7-12, 2014
Conference Location
Hong Kong, -1


Formaldehyde, Low Energy, Residential, Indoor Air, VOCs
Created August 6, 2014, Updated February 19, 2017