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Local Weak Ferromagnetism in Single-Crystalline Ferroelectric BiFeO3



M. Ramazanoglu, M. Laver, William D. Ratcliff, Shannon M. Watson, Wangchun Chen, Andrew Jackson, Karunakar NMN Kothapalli, Seongsu Lee, S.- W. Cheong, V. Kiryukhin


Polarized small-angle neutron scattering studies of single-crystalline multiferroic BefeO3 reveal a long-wavelength spin density wave generated by 1° spin canting of the spins out of the rotation plane of the antiferromagnetic cycloidal order. This signifies weak ferromagnetism within mesoscopic regions of dimension 0.03 microns along [110}, to several microns along [111], confirming a long-standing theoretical prediction. The average local magnetization is 0.06 υΒ/Fe. Our results provide an indication of the intrinsic macroscopic magnetization to be expected in ferroelectric BFO thin films under strain, where the magnetic cycloid is suppressed.
Physical Review Letters


multiferroic, magnetism, ferroelectricity


Ramazanoglu, M. , Laver, M. , Ratcliff, W. , Watson, S. , Chen, W. , Jackson, A. , Kothapalli, K. , Lee, S. , Cheong, S. and Kiryukhin, V. (2011), Local Weak Ferromagnetism in Single-Crystalline Ferroelectric BiFeO<sub>3</sub>, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created October 31, 2011, Updated October 12, 2021