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Local Crystallography and Stress Voiding in AlSiCu versus Copper Interconnects



R R. Keller, C E. Kalnas


We compare the local crystallographic orientations associated with stress voids in AlSICu versus that in pure copper interconnects. Orientations were sorted by whether grains were immediately adjacent to voids. Grains adjacent to voids in AlSiCu showed a <111> fiber texture that was slightly stronger than those in intact regions. This is in contrast to copper, which showed significantly weaker local texture around voids. We postulate the difference to be due to the relative effectiveness of the diffusion paths available in the lines. For AlSiCu, the presence of defects associated with silicon precipitates may allow more rapid diffusion than grain boundaries. Voiding in copper, which is free from such defects, depends more on grain boundary structure.
Applied Physics Letters


interconnect reliability, metallization, stress voiding, thin film reliability, thin film texture


Keller, R. and Kalnas, C. (2021), Local Crystallography and Stress Voiding in AlSiCu versus Copper Interconnects, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021