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Local Breaking of Fourfold Rotational Symmetry by Short-Range Magnetic Order in Heavily Overdoped Ba(Fe1-xCux)2As2



Weiyi Wang, Yu Song, Ding Hu, Yu Li, Rui Zhang, Leland Harriger, Wei Tian, Huibo Cao, Pengcheng Dai


We investigate Cu-doped Ba(Fe1-xCux)2As2 with transport, magnetic susceptibility, and elastic neutron scattering measurements. In the heavily Cu-doped regime where long-range stripe-type antiferromagnetic order in BaFe2As2 is suppressed, Ba(Fe1-xCux)2As2 (0.145 less than or equal to} x less than or equal to}0.553) samples exhibit spin-glass-like behavior in magnetic susceptibility and insulating-like temperature dependence in electrical transport. Using elastic neutron scattering, we find stripe-type short-range magnetic order in the spin-glass region identified by susceptibility measurements. The persistence of short-range magnetic order over a large doping range in Ba(Fe1-xCux)2As2 likely arises from local arrangements of Fe and Cu that favor magnetic order, with Cu acting as vacancies relieving magnetic frustration and degeneracy. These results indicate locally broken four-fold rotational symmetry, suggesting that stripe-type magnetism is ubiquitous in iron pnictides.
Physical Review B


Magnetism, Neutron Scattering, Superconductivity, Pnictides


Wang, W. , Song, Y. , Hu, D. , Li, Y. , Zhang, R. , Harriger, L. , Tian, W. , Cao, H. and Dai, P. (2017), Local Breaking of Fourfold Rotational Symmetry by Short-Range Magnetic Order in Heavily Overdoped Ba(Fe<sub>1-x</sub>Cu<sub>x</sub>)<sub>2</sub>As<sub>2</sub>, Physical Review B, [online], (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created October 10, 2017, Updated October 12, 2021