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Liquid Piston Based on Molecular Springs for Energy Storage Applications



Mehdi Hashemi-Tilehnoee, Nikolay Tsirin, Victor Stoudenets, Yuriy Bushuev, Miroslaw Chorazewski, Mian Li, Dan Li, Juscelino Leao, Markus Bleuel, Pawel Zajdel, Elena Palomo Del Barrio, Yaroslav Grosu


Liquid piston is a method for pressure transmission used in a wide range of technologies. Currently, liquid piston is a passive element solely used to apply pressure to a working body. In this work, the concept of liquid piston based on molecular springs - an active element, which can store a considerable amount of mechanical energy, apart from its main function, which is pressure transmission is proposed. To demonstrate the concept, the Cu2(tebpz) MOF + H2O} molecular spring was characterized by employing high-pressure intrusion-extrusion cycling, atomistic simulations, in situ neutrons scattering, scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. Using compressed air energy storage (CAES) as a case study, it is demonstrated that energy density for this technology can be enhanced 5 times by replacing water with a water-based molecular spring. Apart from increased energy density, liquid piston based on molecular spring improves thermal management of CAES systems, enables narrow operational pressure ranges and provides an anti-vibration feature to mitigate undesired vibrations or impacts. The liquid piston on molecular spring concept can be useful for a broad range of technologies, where pressure is implemented through fluids.
Journal of Energy Storage


Mechanical energy storage, Liquid piston, Molecular spring, Compressed air energy storage, Intrusion-extrusion


Hashemi-Tilehnoee, M. , Tsirin, N. , Stoudenets, V. , Bushuev, Y. , Chorazewski, M. , Li, M. , Li, D. , Leao, J. , Bleuel, M. , Zajdel, P. , Palomo Del Barrio, E. and Grosu, Y. (2023), Liquid Piston Based on Molecular Springs for Energy Storage Applications, Journal of Energy Storage (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created May 10, 2023, Updated June 5, 2023