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Linear and Non-Linear Atom Optics with Bose Einstein Condensates



S L. Rolston


A sample of Bose-Einstein condensed atoms is an ideal source for atoms optics experiments due to the low velocity spread, the large number of atoms, and the coherent nature of the condensate. We have performed a series of experiments using condensates of greater than 106 sodium atoms in a TOP trap. These include the diffraction of a condensate by an optical standing wave, Bragg diffraction off a moving standing wave, and the development of a well-collimated atom laser. The non-linearity inherent in the condensate system due to atom-atom interactions has also allowed us to demonstrate the first non-linear atom optics: four-wave mixing of atomic deBroglie waves.
International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy
No. 4177


atoms optics, Bose Einstein condensation, laser cooling, non-linear optics


Rolston, S. (1988), Linear and Non-Linear Atom Optics with Bose Einstein Condensates, International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy (Accessed May 23, 2024)


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Created March 1, 1988, Updated February 17, 2017