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Lights, Camera, Metrology: Introducing the Metrology Careers Outreach DVD



Elizabeth J. Benham


The National Conference of Standards Laboratories International (NCSLI) 164 Education Liaison and Outreach Committee has coordinated the development of a Metrology Career Multimedia DVD, titled “Find a Cool Career in Metrology.” The DVD is designed for use as an outreach tool to reach teachers, students, and high school counselors. The project was a joint venture between the American Society for Quality, Measurement Quality Division (ASQ-MQD), Measurement Science Conference (MSC), and NCSLI. The DVD helps explain “What is Metrology?” and provides an opportunity to explore Metrology careers. DVD users learn about the high school courses needed for Metrology, different educational pathways that lead towards a Measurement Science career, and typical salaries. One of the primary interactive features highlights current Metrologists describing their career experiences, such as how they got started and what they like most about Metrology. A collection of measurement science educational resources are provided on the DVD, including many of the Metrology Ambassador tools that have been developed by the 164 Education Liaison and Outreach Committee and other Metrology organizations to make conducting outreach events simple, fun, and rewarding.
Proceedings Title
2010 NCSLI International Workshop & Symposium
Conference Dates
July 25-29, 2010
Conference Location
Providence, RI


Metrology, Measurement Science, Metrology Careers, International System of Units (SI), Metric Program, National Conference of Standards International (NCSLI), American Society for Quality, Measurement Quality Division (ASQ-MQD), Measurement Science Conference (MSC), Interactive DVD, Education Outreach, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Careers, Metrology Ambassador Program
Created July 25, 2010, Updated March 12, 2020