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Letter to the Editor Creep of Consolidated Silver



H J. Mueller, F Eichmiller


This letter to the editor is in regard to a recent publication (Indentation Creep Behavior of a Direct-filling Alternative to Amalgam by H.H.K. Xu, H. Liao, and F.C. Eichmiller, J. Dent. Res. 77:1991, 1998), whereby the authors overlooked the citation of a previously published abstract on the creep of consolidated silver. The compressive creep of consolidated silver was presented at the Third International Congress on Dental Materials, Waikiki, Hawaii, November 4-8, 1997, in a paper entitled, Creep and Fracture Toughness of Silver Consolidated Alternative Amalgam, by H.J. Mueller and F.C. Eichmiller. This paper appears in: Transactions Third International Congress on Dental Materials, H. Nakajima and Y. Tani editors, paper B-04, p. 332, 1997. The study investigated the compressive creep of consolidated silver and a dispersed phase amalgam. The creep test followed American Dental Association Specification No 1 for dental amalgam. In addition to analyzing the 4 hr creep with respect to the 1 hr creep according to specification, results were also obtained at (10, 24, 48, 72, and 96) hr. Results revealed significantly (p < 0.5) reduced creep for consolidated silver at times of 48 hr and longer. This increased creep resistance was attributed to strain hardening of the cold welded silver particles and the fraction of the pore structure being incompressible.
Journal of Dental Research


Cold-welding, compressive creep, consolidate silver, dental amalgam, strain hardening


Mueller, H. and Eichmiller, F. (2008), Letter to the Editor Creep of Consolidated Silver, Journal of Dental Research (Accessed June 13, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008