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Lessons From Ultraviolet Monitoring Spectroradiometer Intercomparisons



E A. Thompson, E A. Early


A series of three interagency solar ultraviolet monitoring spectroradiometer intercomparisons were conducted at Table Mountain outside Boulder, Colorado. The primary purpose of these intercomparisons was to compare the solar ultraviolet irradiances measured by all the instruments during synchronized spectral scans. In addition, selected instrument parameters important for these measurements were characterized. Experimental techniques were developed to perform all these characterizations in the field. The intercomparisons demonstrated that the spectral responsivity of an instrument must be determined at its field location with standard lamps calibrated from a common scale of spectral irradiance. Using such a common scale and appropriate convolution techniques, the measured irradiances from synchronized scans agreed to within 2 %.


intercomparison, solar ultraviolet, spectral irradiance, spectroradiometer


Thompson, E. and Early, E. (2021), Lessons From Ultraviolet Monitoring Spectroradiometer Intercomparisons, Metrologia (Accessed July 19, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021