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Laser Photodetachment Determination of the Electron Affinities of OH, NH2, NH, SO2, and S2



Robert Celotta, R Bennett, John L. Hall


Using a fixed frequency argon ion laser, we have studied the energy spectra of electron photodetached from OH-, NH2-, NH-, SO2-, and S2-. We determined the following electron affinities: EA(OH) = 1.829+0.010-0.014 eV, EA(NH2) = 0.779plus or minus}0.037 eV, A^(NH) = 0.38plus or minus}0.03 eV, EA(SO2) = 1.097plus or minus}0.036 eV, and EA(S2) = 1.663plus or minus}0.040 eV. Additionally, the angular distribution anisotrophy parameter β was measured for OH- and NH2-^ at 4880 Aring}, as -0.993 plus or minus} 0.040 and 0.027 plus or minus} 0.012 respectively, a nd information about negative ion vibrational constants is presented.
Journal of Chemical Physics


Celotta, R. , Bennett, R. and Hall, J. (1974), Laser Photodetachment Determination of the Electron Affinities of OH, NH<sub>2</sub>, NH, SO<sub>2</sub>, and S<sub>2</sub>, Journal of Chemical Physics (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created February 28, 1974, Updated October 12, 2021