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Laser-Machined Ultra-High-Q Microrod Resonators for Nonlinear Optics



Pascal P. Del'Haye, Scott B. Papp, Scott A. Diddams


Optical whispering-gallery microresonators are useful tools in microphotonics, and non-linear optics at very low threshold powers. Here, we present details about the fabrication of ultra-high-Q whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) resonators made by CO2-laser lathe machining of fused-quartz rods. The resonators can be fabricated in less than one minute and the attained optical quality factors exceed Q=1x109. Demonstrated resonator diameters are in the range between 170 micron and 8 mm (free spectral ranges between 390 GHz and 8 GHz). Using these microresonators, a variety of optical nonlinearities are observed, including Raman scattering, Brillouin scattering and four-wave mixing.
Applied Physics Letters


Fused Silica, Laser Machining, Microresonator, Nonlinear Optics


Del'Haye, P. , Papp, S. and Diddams, S. (2013), Laser-Machined Ultra-High-Q Microrod Resonators for Nonlinear Optics, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed December 8, 2023)
Created June 7, 2013, Updated February 19, 2017