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Laser-Focused Nanofabrication: Beating of Two Atomic Resonances



E Jurdik, K van, J Hohlfeld, T Rasing, Jabez J. McClelland


We deposit a laser-collimated chromium beam onto a substrate through a laser standing-wave (SW) tuned above the atomic resonance at either of the two 52Cr transitions 7S3rarr}73 at 427.600 nm or 7S3rarr}74 at 425.553 nm. In both these cases the resulting pattern on the surface consists of nanolines with a period of that of the SW. We extend the range of periods accessible to laser-focused atom deposition by superimposing the structures grown at both these resonances. The resulting beating pattern exhibits a period of 44.46 plus or minus}0.04 υm as determined with a polarizing optical microscope. This structure provides a link between nanoscopic and macroscopic worlds and could potentially become a calibration standard for length metrology.
Applied Physics Letters


atom lithography, atom optics, chromium, interference, laser focused atomic deposition, nanoscale metrology


Jurdik, E. , Van, K. , Hohlfeld, J. , Rasing, T. and McClelland, J. (2002), Laser-Focused Nanofabrication: Beating of Two Atomic Resonances, Applied Physics Letters, [online], (Accessed July 13, 2024)


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Created June 9, 2002, Updated October 12, 2021