Large-Signal-Network-Analyzer Round Robin

Published: February 01, 2016


Dylan F. Williams, Paul D. Hale, Catherine A. Remley, Gustavo Avolio, Dominique Schreurs, Diogo C. Ribeiro, Pawel Barmuta, Gian Piero Gibiino, Mohammad Rajabi, Arkadiusz Lewandowski, Jaros?aw Szatkowski, Kuangda Wang


This paper describes tests of the calibration-comparison method as an approach to assessing the measurement accuracy of large-signal network analyzer calibrations. We show that having one trusted reference calibration allows the calibration accuracy of the user’s working calibration to be assessed, and its performance under a variety of conditions to be inferred. We also demonstrate that the calibration-comparison approach provides additional information that simplifies the identification of sources of error in the user’s working calibration.
Citation: IEEE Microwave Magazine
Volume: 17
Issue: 2
Pub Type: Journals

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large-signal network analysis, measurement verification
Created February 01, 2016, Updated March 19, 2019