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Large-Signal Network Analysis for Over-the-Air Test of Up- Converting and Down-Converting Phased Arrays



Alec J. Weiss, Dylan F. Williams, Jeanne T. Quimby, Rodney W. Leonhardt, Thomas Choi, Zihang Chen, Catherine A. Remley, andreas Molisch, Benjamin F. Jamroz, Jake D. Rezac, Peter G. Vouras


We explore large-signal network analysis for the over-the-air test of up-converting and down-converting phased arrays. The approach first uses a vector network analyzer to calibrate the impulse response of an over-the-air test system at RF. The vector network analyzer is then power- and phase-calibrated and utilized with the over-the-air test system for the measurement of up-converting and down-converting phased arrays with an IF input or output. We illustrate the approach with measurements of a down-converting phased array.
Proceedings Title
International Microwave Symposium
Conference Dates
June 2-7, 2019
Conference Location
Boston, MA


large-signal network analysis, over-the-air test, upconverter, down-converter, phased array, phase calibration, vector network analyzer.
Created June 2, 2019, Updated January 27, 2020