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Large-Scale Metrology Instrument Performance Evaluations at NIST



William T. Estler, Daniel S. Sawyer, Bruce R. Borchardt, Steven D. Phillips


The ASME B89 Committee on Dimensional Metrology has approved a new American National Standard B89.4.19 - Performance Evaluation of Laser Based Spherical Coordinate Measurement Systems. This Standard, to be published in 2006, specifies test methods for traceable calibrations of laser trackers for the measurement of point-to-point length. NIST has completed a dedicated facility for performing the complete set of B89.4.19 tests. We describe this facility and its use for testing the range measurement capability and volumetric performance of laser trackers. We also describe the extension of the 60-meter laser interferometer range test facility to instruments other than laser trackers and a separate calibrated 65-meter linear array of titanium spheres that can be used for testing laser radars, 3D laser scanners, and other large-scale metrology instruments that do not require cooperative targets.
The Journal of the CMSC


Estler, W. , Sawyer, D. , Borchardt, B. and Phillips, S. (2006), Large-Scale Metrology Instrument Performance Evaluations at NIST, The Journal of the CMSC (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created January 1, 2006, Updated February 19, 2017