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Jamming in Carbon Nanotube Suspensions



D J. Fry, Haonan Wang, Erik K. Hobbie


The 'phase diagram' of a non-Brownian carbon nanotube suspension is measured as a function of concentration, shear stress, and geometrical confinement. We observe a hierarchy of flow-induced structure, including dispersed 'nematics', isolated, periodic and percolated aggregates, and 'jammed' fractal networks. By applying simple scaling arguments to rigid-rod gels, our data suggest that the jamming portion of the network is more diffuse than the full elastic network, akin to 'force chains' in granular media.
Physical Review Letters


carbon nanotube, jamming, phase diagram, scaling


Fry, D. , Wang, H. and Hobbie, E. (2021), Jamming in Carbon Nanotube Suspensions, Physical Review Letters (Accessed February 25, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021