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Issues in Purchasing and Maintaining Intrinsic Standards



R B. Pettit, K Jaeger, Charles D. Ehrlich


Intrinsic standards offer many advantages over conventional artifact standards, including, in many cases, a very low uncertainty of measurement and no need for periodic re-calibration. Because of the recent increased interest in intrinsic standards, NCSL International formed the Intrinsic and Derived Standards Committee which has developed a Catalogue of Intrinsic and Derived Standards, as well as several recommended practices that describe procedures necessary for realizing the value of a standard. When purchasing intrinsic standards, some key considerations include: the level of uncertainty required; compatibility with existing laboratory equipment and standards; and compatibility with the laboratory environment. After purchase, intrinsic standards can require considerable maintenance and knowledge, depending upon the level of uncertainty to be realized. Some general and specific considerations in the purchase, set-up and operation of intrinsic standards are discussed.
Cal Lab: The International Journal of Metrology


instrinsic standards, traceability


Pettit, R. , Jaeger, K. and Ehrlich, C. (2000), Issues in Purchasing and Maintaining Intrinsic Standards, Cal Lab: The International Journal of Metrology (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created November 30, 2000, Updated October 12, 2021