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Isotope shifts in neutral and singly-ionized calcium



Alexander Kramida


All available experimental data on isotope shifts and absolute frequency measurements in the optical spectra of Ca I and Ca II are analyzed, and from them complete tables of isotope shifts and energy levels of all Ca isotopes from 36 to 52 are derived. A global least]squares fitting of these data allowed also deriving the field and mass shift constants for all involved transitions and energy levels, as well as improved values for differences of mean squared nuclear charge radii.
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables


Ca I, Ca II, isotope shifts, nuclear radii, absolute frequencies, energy levels, wavelengths, critical compilation, least-squares fit


Kramida, A. (2020), Isotope shifts in neutral and singly-ionized calcium, Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created January 20, 2020, Updated September 21, 2022