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Investigation of BARC-Resist Interfacial Interactions



C Devadoss, Yijun Wang, R Puligadda, Joseph~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined Lenhart, E Jablonski, Daniel A. Fischer, S Sambasivan, Eric K. Lin, Wen-Li Wu


Results are reported from studies of (A) surface versus bulk chemistry of BARC materials as a function of cure temperature, (B) the dependence of the thickness and composition of the residual layer (resist material remaining on the surface of the BARC after development) on BARC components, as determined by formulating the BARC or resist with an excess of various BARC components, and (C) the dependence of the residual layer thickness on crosslink density, exposure dose, and resist bake temperature. The BARC thin films and the interphase between BARC and resist were characterized with near edge x-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy. Surface chemical properties of BARC films were derived from contact angle measurements of various liquids on these thin films. Preliminary results from these studies indicate that some BARC components may migrate to the BARC-resist interphase and act as dissolution inhibitors. Similarly, small molecule additives in the resist may migrate into the BARC layer, causing chemical modifications.
Proceedings Title
Optical Microlithography, Conference |16th | Optical Microlithography XVI | SPIE
Pt. 2
Conference Dates
February 1, 2003
Conference Location
Santa Clara, CA
Conference Title
Proceedings of SPIE--the International Society for Optical Engineering


BARC, interfacial interactions, nexafs, residual layer, resist-interphase, surface chemistry


Devadoss, C. , Wang, Y. , Puligadda, R. , Lenhart, J. , Jablonski, E. , Fischer, D. , Sambasivan, S. , Lin, E. and Wu, W. (2003), Investigation of BARC-Resist Interfacial Interactions, Optical Microlithography, Conference |16th | Optical Microlithography XVI | SPIE, Santa Clara, CA, [online], (Accessed February 25, 2024)
Created May 31, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021