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Inverse Transform Sampling for Efficient Doppler-Averaged Spectroscopy Simulations



Drew Rotunno, Nik Prajapati, Samuel Berweger, MATTHEW SIMONS, Aly Artusio-Glimpse, Amy Robinson, chris holloway


We present a thermal velocity sampling method for calculating Doppler-broadened atomic spectra, which more efficiently reaches a smooth limit than regular velocity weighted sampling. The method uses equal-population sampling of the 1-D thermal distribution, sampling the 'inverse transform' of the cumulative distribution function, and is broadly applicable to normal distributions. We also discuss efficiencies from eliminating velocity classes which don't significantly contribute to observed atomic lines, and comment on the application of this method in 2- and 3-dimensions.
AIP Advances


rydberg atoms, electromagnetically induced transparency, spectroscopy, computational physics


Rotunno, D. , Prajapati, N. , Berweger, S. , SIMONS, M. , Artusio-Glimpse, A. , Robinson, A. and holloway, C. (2023), Inverse Transform Sampling for Efficient Doppler-Averaged Spectroscopy Simulations, AIP Advances, [online],, (Accessed May 18, 2024)


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Created July 14, 2023, Updated August 29, 2023