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Intumescent Polydopamine Coatings for Fire Protection



Douglas M. Fox, Whirang Cho, Laura J. Dubrulle, Phillip Grutzmacher, Mauro Zammarano, Douglas M. Fox


Polydopamine coatings containing additional bioderived flame retardants were used as coatings for polyurethane foam and cardboard. The ability to form intumescing coatings was crucial for achieving good flame protection. Dopamine can effectively intercalate clay to produce well distributed coatings. The amount of polydopamine coating applied to clay platelets and morphology of the aggregates formed was greatly affected by the catalyzing base used. Microcombustion calorimetry, flame spread, and cone calorimetry experiments reveal that aminophosphonic acid and glycine phytate produce intumescing chars that, in combination with montmorillonite, form a protective barrier for both foam and cardboard.
Green Materials


bioinspired, coatings, dopamine, flammability, morphology, natural materials


Fox, D. , Cho, W. , Dubrulle, L. , Grutzmacher, P. , Zammarano, M. and Fox, D. (2020), Intumescent Polydopamine Coatings for Fire Protection, Green Materials, [online], (Accessed February 25, 2024)
Created March 8, 2020, Updated August 24, 2020