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Intrinsic Spin Torque Without Spin-Orbit Coupling



Kyoung-Whan Kim, Kyung-Jin Lee, Hyun-Woo Lee, Mark D. Stiles


For non-uniform magnetic textures, we derive an intrinsic contribution to the non-adiabatic spin torque that may be the dominant contribution. It differs from previously considered contributions in several ways. It does not depend on the change in occupation of the electron states due to the current flow but rather is due to the perturbation of the electronic states when an electric field is applied. It is not proportional to the electrical conductivity and so should be viewed as electric-field-induced rather than current-induced. It does not depend on spin-orbit coupling but is related to a Berry's phase due to the electron spin's motion through the magnetic texture. This intrinsic non-adiabatic spin torque is related by a chiral connection to the intrinsic spin-orbit torque calculated from the Berry's phase for Rashba systems.
Physical Review B


Rashba model, spin-transfer torque, Berry's phase, vertex correction, domain wall motion, spin-orbit torque, non-adiabatic spin-transfer torque, spin-orbit interaction


Kim, K. , Lee, K. , Lee, H. and Stiles, M. (2015), Intrinsic Spin Torque Without Spin-Orbit Coupling, Physical Review B, [online], (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created December 21, 2015, Updated November 10, 2018