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International Interlaboratory Comparison (ILC) of Thermogravimet-ric (TGA) Measurements of Graphene Materials



Pei Lay Yap, Farzaneh Farivar, Victoria Coleman, Asa Jamting, Sam Gnaniah, Elisabeth Mansfield, Cheng Pu, Sandra Marcela Landi, Marcus Vinicius David, Emmanuel Flahaut, Paul Finnie, Mary Gallerneault, M. Dominque Locatelli, Sebastien Jacquinot, Carltoa Gray Slough, Jan Hanss, Jorg Menzel, Stefen Schmolzer, Lingling Ren, Andrew Pollard, Dusan Losic


Graphene materials are strongly emerging from academic research labs into industrial sectors with many developed products on market. Characterizations and quality control of graphene materials are very critical with an urgent demand for reliable, reproducible, and accurate measurements of graphene's properties. To facilitate industrial growth, several measurement stand-ards are under development within the Nanotechnologies committees of both ISO 229 and IEC 113. Towards this effort, this paper presents the procedure and the results of an international interlaboratory comparison (ILC) study, conducted under Ver-sailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards (VAMAS) Technical Working Area (TWA) 41 "Graphene and Related 2D Materials" This ILC focusses on the comparability of thermogravimetric (TGA) measurements of graphene materials powders including pristine graphene, graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) using the same measurement protocol across different institutes and laboratories. The TGA measurements were focused on key parameters including the determina-tion of mass loss steps, thermal stability the temperature of maximum mass loss rate, mass for moisture, oxygen groups, and carbon and residue mass loss. The measurements data and processed results were gathered from 12 participants across aca-demia, industry (including instrument manufacturers), and national metrology institutes and this study presents their compari-son and evaluates the uncertainty contributions from TGA measurements and data analysis procedures.
Analytical Chemistry


graphene, standards, interlaboratory study, thermogravimetric analysis


Yap, P. , Farivar, F. , Coleman, V. , Jamting, A. , Gnaniah, S. , Mansfield, E. , Pu, C. , Marcela Landi, S. , Vinicius David, M. , FLAHAUT, E. , Finnie, P. , Gallerneault, M. , Locatelli, M. , Jacquinot, S. , Slough, C. , Hanss, J. , Menzel, J. , Schmolzer, S. , Ren, L. , Pollard, A. and Losic, D. (2023), International Interlaboratory Comparison (ILC) of Thermogravimet-ric (TGA) Measurements of Graphene Materials, Analytical Chemistry, [online],, (Accessed February 22, 2024)
Created March 14, 2023, Updated March 30, 2023