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International comparison of measurements of hard magnets with the Vibrating Sample Magnetometer



F. Fiorillo, C. Beatrice, D. Son, Franz Josef Ahlers, R. Groessinger, F. Albertini, Y. P. Liu, A Lin, E. Patroi, Robert D. Shull, O. Thomas


We present the results of an international comparison regarding the magnetic properties of hard magnets, measured using the Vibrating Sample Magnetometer. The comparison involved eight different international laboratories, plus two laboratories using the SQUID magnetometer. It was directed, in particular, at the determination of the hysteresis loop parameters of hard ferrite and magnetic tape samples. It was carried out in the framework of the activity of the IEC TC68 Working Group 2. The statistical analysis of the obtained results was performed according to standard rules (e.g. ISO and EURAMET guidelines). The standard deviation around the mean of the laboratories best estimates is found to be s 1 % in anisotropic ferrites for all the measured quantities: coercive fields HcJ and HcB, high-field polarization J800k, polarization at remanence Jr, maximum energy product (BH)max. Isotropic ferrites show larger dispersion of the best estimates of Jr and HcB ( 3 %) and (BH)max ( 6 %). For the quantities measured in the magnetic tapes (magnetic moments m400k and mr, squareness S = m400k /mr,HcJ) s is found to fluctuate around 2 %. In all cases, the relative expanded uncertainty of the reference value (weighted mean), associated with a 95 % confidence level, is at most ± 1.5 %.
Pmm Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics


Magnetic measurements, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, Hard magnets, Measuring uncertainty


Fiorillo, F. , Beatrice, C. , Son, D. , Ahlers, F. , Groessinger, R. , Albertini, F. , Liu, Y. , Lin, A. , Patroi, E. , Shull, R. and Thomas, O. (2014), International comparison of measurements of hard magnets with the Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, Pmm Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (Accessed February 29, 2024)
Created July 31, 2014, Updated October 12, 2021