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Paolo Gardoni, John W. van de Lindt, Bruce Ellingwood, Therese P. McAllister, Jong Lee, Harvey Cutler, Daniel Cox


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) funded the multi-university five-year Center of Excellence for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning (CoE), headquartered at Colorado State University, to develop the measurement science to support community resilience assessment. Measurement science is implemented in a computational environment with fully integrated supporting databases to model the impact of natural hazards to communities as well as their recovery, evaluate the key attributes that make communities resilient, and optimize resilience enhancement/planning strategies. The Interdependent Networked Community Resilience Modeling Environment (abbreviated as IN-CORE) is built upon the MAEViz/Ergo software. Version 1 of IN-CORE (i.e., IN-CORE 1.0) allows the modeling of the performance of (inter)dependent physical infrastructure when subject to natural hazards, as well their recovery. Social systems are also considered using state-of-the-research models, while economic impacts are assessed using computable generalized equilibrium (CGE) models, thus forming a nexus of physical, social, and economic domains. Version 2 of IN-CORE (i.e., IN-CORE 2.0) will include hurricanes, coastal storm surge and riverine flooding, as well as multi-hazard events, and will optimize a combination of public and private investment strategies prior to and/or after an event with the goal of improving community resilience as quantified by the resilience metrics identified by the CoE. This paper provides an overview of IN-CORE 1.0 and touches on some of the modeling features in IN-CORE 2.0 scheduled for release in 2019.
Conference Dates
June 18-21, 2018
Conference Location
Thessalonkiki, GR
Conference Title
16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering


Natural hazards, Resilience, Recovery, Infrastructure, Economic impacts, Social impact


Gardoni, P. , van de Lindt, J. , Ellingwood, B. , McAllister, T. , Lee, J. , Cutler, H. and Cox, D. (2018), THE INTERDEPENDENT NETWORKED COMMUNITY RESILIENCE MODELING ENVIRONMENT (IN-CORE), 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Thessalonkiki, GR (Accessed July 18, 2024)


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Created June 21, 2018, Updated October 12, 2021